Storts Market

by Lesley Storts


»Urban Twinkle Quilt«

Inspiration for this quilt can be blamed on the dog. We do not have a fence, so when the dog goes out, we go out. And guess who shoulders the majority of dog duty? Yep, yours truly. If my family reads this they will probably roll their eyes, but it’s true.


So what do you do night after night, or morning after morning, while standing out in the yard? It was inevitable that I look up. And I looked up over and over again. And then, inspiration struck!


Surprisingly, there was a lot of thinking in getting those 5 colors to ombre just right (I’m sure that’s not grammatically correct, but I think it explains it perfectly). My daughter Lucy got called into the living room when I was laying it out to help me evaluate again and again. It was like putting a puzzle together.


I think Urban Twinkle would look great in many different color combinations and with a color card it would be very easy to pick out your graduating shades. I used Kona Cotton solids and quilted with Aurifil.

If you would like a copy of the pattern, it is available through Modern Patchwork Gifts 2016.

I dedicate this one to the dogs. On the left is Benson, our wire fox terrier. We got him earlier this year.  Our sweet little Yorkie, Oliver, died a year ago.

Happy Quilting ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎


»Published! in Modern Patchwork Gifts«


I am excited to share that I have 2 projects in the current issue of Modern Patchwork Gifts. This publication is the inaugural issue for a Holiday Gifts publication from Modern Patchwork. I have a quilt, Urban Twinkle, and Lucy and I wrote instructions for making Saltcellar Pincushions!

saltcellar pincushion article 1

The secret is out with instructions and tips for making your own – if you get your own copy of Modern Patchwork Gifts!

MP gifts cover

You can buy copies at various locations. In central Ohio it is available at Sew to Speak, Barnes and Noble, or JoAnn Fabric. I you are interested in a digital copy, click HERE for information.


This has been such a rewarding process! I started with these beautiful Kona solids in blues and one yellow back in March. I have learned a lot and plan to keep learning, designing, and making.

The current issue is loaded with beautiful quilts and fun projects. Also included in this edition are recipes from the contributors. I have 2 of my family favorites – chocolate pie and cranberry cream.

Happy Quilting ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎

urban twinkle article 3