Storts Market

by Lesley Storts


»Waft + Weft = Weave!«


First I confess – these first 2 pictures are NOT my work! But I get to enjoy the pieces everyday because my daughter made them! All three of my kids learned how to weave in 6th grade as part of the art curriculum. It has sparked an interest in one of my daughters and she has now created her own “loom”, although when I called it that, she told me it was just cardboard. HaHa! I enjoy so many different crafts and I’m amazed at what a little bit of yarn and cardboard can do.


We cut a couple of different sizes of cardboard so we would have options. A great tutorial for weaving that is less than 2 minutes long can be found here on YouTube. The special “needle” that we use is a tool we purchased from our friend on Etsy. Her shop name is Tunderscorejaye. You can also find her at She made a tool to weave fabric, but after looking at her pictures on IG (@t_jaye), I knew I could use it for weaving yarn and I wouldn’t feel like I had contorted fingers. And when I say she made them, I mean she printed them on her 3-D printer!!!! What?!?! I might need to get a 3-D printer (shhh…don’t tell my hubby cuz that might be the only thing he needs to hear to go get one). My kids all had to inspect the tools when they came in the mail because it is the first thing we own that was printed on a personal 3-D printer. Thanks Tunderscorejaye!



And for my first weaving….😂😂😂



Well, my first quilt was not so great but I’ve improved with time, patience and practice. I remind myself that.

Other creations made by my daughters.

So get some cardboard, tape, scissors, and yarn and get creative!

Happy Weaving ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎