Storts Market

by Lesley Storts

»Blooming Spring«

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If you asked me what my favorite season is, I would tell you fall. But when spring rolls around, I’m so happy to feel the change of season and see the burst of color that spring might be secretly tied with fall for the favorite.

IMG_4009I have a redbud tree in my backyard. I do not know a lot about plants and trees, but I’m learning. When we needed a tree, I wanted “that tree that looks like blooms grow right on the stems”. I think these trees are so beautiful and they have been amazing here in central Ohio this spring.

My verbena is in full bloom. Taking the dog out is basically an excuse to walk over and smell it. I snapped a picture on my phone in the early morning light and love the softness of how it turned out. I wish I could capture the scent and keep it with the picture.

IMG_3999Finally, I learned something new today! My hubs and I were at church and had to put away pamphlets that were sent to him from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for a scout training that he conducted. Before he put the boxes away he pulled out some of the pamphlets for me on trees, birds, and lichen. Lichen? Hmmm. I saw the picture on the front of the pamphlet and was so happy to read about this stuff. I see it everywhere here in Ohio. Beautiful and fascinating! I love this world we live in.

The different lichen are from trees in my own backyard. I know one of those is yellow lichen and pretty sure the top left is bearded lichen.

I’m still quilting — like a crazy person but enjoying the spring during my walks.

Happy Quilting ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎


Author: Lesley Storts

I’ve always been a doodler and loved art from an early age. I picked up my first fabric, a pink and white checked gingham, at 9 years old and cross-stitched my name. In 1996, my mom started quilting and her inspiration motivated me to make my first quilt in 1998. I found a pattern in a book from the library, changed the colors to make a Christmas quilt and pieced it together. I even quilted and bound it! I enjoy working with all kinds of fabric mediums and threads. I enjoy sewing with my machine and doing handwork. I get inspiration from my life including people, scenery, patterns and objects around me. Follow me here and on Instagram @lesleystorts.

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