Storts Market

by Lesley Storts

»Anna Maria Horner Fabric and Pincushions«


This batch of pincushions was created using beautiful fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner.

Anna recently moved her brick and mortar store, Craft South, to a new location. One of her staff members contacted me about providing a batch of pincushions showcasing Anna’s fabrics. I was so honored to be asked and excited! I was given the freedom to use any of my AMH fabric. I do not have all of Anna’s fabric, but I have lot.

Pulling glass and fabric to put together is one of my favorite parts of the process in creating pincushions. I had a hard time editing myself to the batch I made.

Uranium glass, also known as vaseline glass, is a favorite! I’m always on the hunt for that glass. Paying attention to details such as the green in the flower and the matching green in the glass is something I watch for often.

Blue glass + fabric + button + thread = a happy maker – me! To see a little video of the pincushions, head over to my Instagram @lesleystorts.

Happy Crafting and Quilting! ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎

Author: Lesley Storts

I’ve always been a doodler and loved art from an early age. I picked up my first fabric, a pink and white checked gingham, at 9 years old and cross-stitched my name. In 1996, my mom started quilting and her inspiration motivated me to make my first quilt in 1998. I found a pattern in a book from the library, changed the colors to make a Christmas quilt and pieced it together. I even quilted and bound it! I enjoy working with all kinds of fabric mediums and threads. I enjoy sewing with my machine and doing handwork. I get inspiration from my life including people, scenery, patterns and objects around me. Follow me here and on Instagram @lesleystorts.

3 thoughts on “»Anna Maria Horner Fabric and Pincushions«

  1. Hello Lesley,
    I love your work, it’s always cheerful.
    I’m new at this and I am especially found of your pincushions. I would love to try and reproduce some of my own.
    As you probably can tell, I am French so please excuse the grammar mistakes.
    My question is, do you sell the fabrics you use online since I am not American but French Canadian.
    Continued success,


    • Hello Lyse –
      Thank you for your kind words! I do not sell the fabrics I use to make my pincushions. I purchase a lot of fabric through Etsy shops in addition to online shops as well as local shops that I visit in person.


  2. Thank-you very much for your answer.

    Liked by 1 person

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