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by Lesley Storts

Sharon Holland Kismet Fabric Pincushions


Chance. Destiny. Karma. All synonyms for the word kismet. This was a new word for me that I learned when Sharon Holland released her Kismet line, by Art Gallery Fabrics in November 2020. This fabric has been on my radar for some time, but my busy life kept me from completing a pincushion batch until last month.

As I continue to make pincushions, I’ve created a system that makes the process easier. One of the steps, which helps me organize and streamline, is matching fabric and glass before I sit down to create. Matching requires thought and reflection when auditioning pieces. Because of this, I feel like I really become acquainted with the fabric. I enjoy this process so much!

Once the matches are made, I still continue to look for interesting pieces for current batches. I recently found several small dishes that can be useful in helping corral sewing notions along with providing a base for pincushions. The clear rectangular glass plate can be used with most prints. The hand painted dish required waiting for that “just right” fabric to appear.

The variety of colors with the pincushion pal ceramic provides a foundation for fabric. Additionally, the colored ceramic can help tease out a color that may not be prominent.

Seeing the empty vessels and then completed pincushions at times feels like magic!

Pictured below are the custom made pins for the Kismet pincushion batch. The pins offer a snapshot of the color palette.

Creating a pincushion batch with Sharon’s Kismet fabric was a joy! I’m a fan of her fabric and have had many different lines of Sharon’s fabric over the years. Sharon’s fabric and art compliment a variety of projects making beautifully finished products.

Happy quilting and crafting! ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎

Author: Lesley Storts

I’ve always been a doodler and loved art from an early age. I picked up my first fabric, a pink and white checked gingham, at 9 years old and cross-stitched my name. In 1996, my mom started quilting and her inspiration motivated me to make my first quilt in 1998. I found a pattern in a book from the library, changed the colors to make a Christmas quilt and pieced it together. I even quilted and bound it! I enjoy working with all kinds of fabric mediums and threads. I enjoy sewing with my machine and doing handwork. I get inspiration from my life including people, scenery, patterns and objects around me. Follow me here and on Instagram @lesleystorts.

4 thoughts on “Sharon Holland Kismet Fabric Pincushions

  1. So much fun to see photos of your process, Lesley! Your work is such a delight!

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  2. I love your beaded pins. Such added to treasure to the adorable pin cushions.

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